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Italy produces a large variety of rice and grains, used in most kitchens as the base of risotto or soup.  Arborio is the most recognized variety outside of Italy, although most Italians prefer Carnaroli and Vialone Nano, because of their high Amylose content (a component of starch) which results in creamier, more velvety risottos. These rices are a staple of the Northern Italian pantry, risottos and rice based soups and are a great way to highlight whatever is in season!  Farro is the oldest of all existing grains and is incredibly healthy and delicious.  It is very versatile and easy to cook with.

Our Riso Vignola line offers Arborio, Carnaroli, & Integrale in Organic

Antica Riceria rice is carefully selected from Italy’s best terrain.  Available in the classic vacuum packed “brick” in order to preserve its original flavor and nutritional value.