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The Truth about Truffle Oil

As a consumer of truffle oil, here are some basic facts you should know:

•There is no actual truffle in truffle oil

•All currently produced truffle oils are made with a natural or chemical aromas

•A nature identical truffle oil has a balanced smooth flavor and aroma.  Its aroma remains consistent throughout its lifespan.  

•Chemically produced truffle oil loses its pungent aroma shortly after exposure to air

•A natural truffle oil will also hold its aroma when it comes into contact with

heat, whereas a chemical oil will breakdown and lose its aroma when it is exposed. 

The fact that there is no truffle in truffle oil has been a well kept secret for a long time as many producers are afraid of speaking the truth for fear of lower sales. Let us get the truth out there while stating the fact that a “nature identical” truffle oil maintains the true truffle taste, while allowing for one of the most economical ways to provide a fabulous truffle flavor.  Natural aroma, referred to as “nature identical,” is produced by using molecules extracted from different natural products such as vegetables, mushrooms etc.

Each extracted molecule when placed in combination with other molecules, make up the exact flavor of a truffle. A chemical truffle oil aroma is produced by using  flavor molecules extracted from products deriving mostly from petroleum.  Production of the natural aroma is 10 times more costly than that of the chemical.


Our Producers: Appennino Funghi e Tartufi

For almost 20 years, Appennino Funghi e Tartufi has been in the truffle business, selling fresh mushrooms and truffles. Their care when selecting and processing the raw materials, their love and respect for the land, and their passion and ex-perience in the food world, have lead to the establishment of their world re-nowned truffle laboratory. Today Appennino Funghi e Tartufi has become an es-sential point of reference for the food industry as well as for the finest restaurants in Italy and throughout the world.

Luigi Dattilo, the founder and President of Appennino, started when he was just a boy, searching for these amazing tubers. On his 18th birthday, when all his friends had saved up for their first car, as most Italian boys do, Luigi took his savings and bought a dog. His first truffle dog. Now, over 20 years later, he has the second largest, and most highly regarded, quality truffle and mushroom company in Italy as well as subsidiaries in many picking countries, and exports to 4 continents of only the highest of quality fresh and preserved truffle and mushroom products.